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Plants for the Planet

JAMMERs participated
raised for Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society in 2021
raised for Tree Canada in 2019

In the spring of 2021, we celebrated the Earth with the Plants for the Planet Initiative. Together, JAMMERs supported the environment by planting gardens, cleaning public spaces, building bird feeders, upcycling used items, taking cold showers and more. For every staff member that participated, JAM donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, an organization that protects public land and water. Also, to promote clean air and a positive work environment at home, we gave each staff member a houseplant of their own to enjoy.

Plants for the Planet.jpg

Back in 2019, JAMMERs also sold potted plants in celebration of Earth Day to help rid our environment of air pollutants and to raise money for Tree’s Canada. We donated just over $4,000 in support of their tree-planting efforts. 

Planting it forward.

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